Having my post-duty taken away by my chain of command is really starting to be problematic for me. In the good old days (by which I mean “about a month ago”), after a duty shift, the EVOs usually got an extra hour or two before we were expected to be in clinic. The thought process was that that would give us time to nap, shower, get into a clean uniform, and eat before we had to be at work. Well, now the powers that be have decided that that’s only if you actually go on a run. So in spite of the fact that I just worked a 24 hour on-call shift, I was at work bright and early at 0715 this morning.

I hate my life.

There is not enough caffeine in the world for today. There just isn’t. I’m working with a difficult provider, I’m trying to get my clinical duties taken care of, I haven’t had time to eat yet… It’s going to be a long and quite likely miserable Tuesday.


Stay frosty, nerds.


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