Memorial Day Weekend

Glory, Hallelujah for a 96. Four day weekends are a truly life-giving occurrence in the military, because SLEEP. My God, I slept more this weekend than I have in the past month.

A huge shout-out to my friend Jessica for being willing to be stuck in a car with my crazy ass for an hour and a half as we drove to Moron Air Force Base to see the men in our lives. Three days and a wake-up with him is never enough, but it was the best time. We actually almost had our first real fight this weekend, but with some open communication and choosing to be grown-ups, we managed to kiss and make up before the fight even really got off the ground. The difference being in a relationship with a caring adult man makes is staggering to me. After years and years of messing around with guys and bros and fuckbois, finally being with a man is like… well, like being the freed prisoner in Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Initially, I was terrified and disoriented. Because you actually like me and wanna be with me…? What!? That can’t be right.

And yet, three months later, here we are: talking about maybe getting married someday and planning a future together. Now I know that if you’re reading this and you’re a civilian, it’s going to sound like we’re moving a little fast. But that’s the thing about military relationships – especially dual military relationships. Our timeline is vastly different, and to be honest, I can’t explain why. If I had to take a stab at it, I’d guess it’s because we have so much more in common from our background and we relate on a level most people don’t.

Huh. Just kidding, I guess I can explain why. Heh.


This weekend was perfect, though. We binge watched both seasons of Gravity Falls (thank you, Kiss Cartoon, for being amazing), snuggled and watched both kids movies and grown-up movies (from Zootopia to Deadpool to Titan A.E.), ate junk food, talked about life, and just generally loved on each other, because it’s so rare that we get to do that in person. He bought me all three of the Witcher games on Steam while I was out on a food run. The man spoils me rotten. It’s so nice to be with someone who is as nerdy as I am…

Of course, the major (and kind of obvious) drawback to that is… now I have to get used to sleeping without him all over again. And despite the fact that he runs hot and trying to cuddle him is like trying to cuddle a furnace, sleeping without him is really, really difficult. I cannot wait until he and I can live in the same state and see each other on a regular basis…


Sorry this is late. Yesterday got waaaay away from me, and for reasons that were all bad.


Until next time, stay frosty, nerds!


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