Dadgummit. Fumblebiscuits. Daaamiiiiit. I was doing so well with the daily updates, breaking only on the weekends!

But, to be fair, my semester just started up so I’m back to working 40+ hours/week (not counting two duty days per month), taking two college courses, working out, trying to find time to meal plan and such… As Deadpool would say, “Maximum effort.”

Today is a post-duty Monday for me and I am… well, slightly less tired than usual, but still exhausted. Only reason I’m slightly less tired is because I quit caffeine cold turkey (been clean for a week now), so I’m sleeping a lot better overall. I swear I must have logged about 12 collective hours playing The Witcher yesterday. The great thing about being super moto and a teacher’s pet is that I usually stay at least one week ahead in all of my online classes, so I have time to gym and game and nap.

I fell off the wagon a bit with the gym and meal plan thing this past week – chalking it up to caffeine withdrawal, because between the headache and the tired… yeah, the gym just wasn’t happening – but I’m back on track now. I’m going to go cardio bunny it up after work with my gym buddy, work abs a little bit, and then go home and eat chicken and broccoli and a smidgen of rice because carbs builds muscles. I’m really getting excited about this now, honestly. I’m excited to start getting back into working out. The plan thus far is to start with one or two weeks of going after work every day and taking one day off on the weekend to rest and then move to two-a-days, because GAINZ. BRUH. Or something. I dunno. Whatever the kids are saying these days.

I am so totally 100% ready to go on leave. 161 days, by the countdown app on my phone. I’m ready to go home and spend 18 days with my friends and family and the man I love. I just need a break from this place. I’m counting down the days until my next 96 weekend, too. One of my good friends let me borrow her car this past weekend and getting to go out in Spain and leave Rota was absolutely amazing. I kidnapped a friend and we celebrated international donut day, went to IKEA, roamed around a seven story mall, ate tapas, and just generally had a wonderful time. I think I’m going to have to buy a car while I’m here so I can get out and about more. The only problem with that is that I’m not great at driving stick shift and I know automatic transmission cars are significantly more expensive here… I’ll figure something out, though.


Well, it’s getting to be that time of day where I actually have to do my job.

Until next time, stay frosty, nerds!


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