When Introspection Becomes Unhealthy: I Was Fine But Then I Thought Too Much And Now I’m Sad

A Novel by Me


I’ve added a caveat to my Navy service. For the rest of my career, however long or short it may be, I will never willingly be assigned to a command this small again, and here is why: people are entirely too involved in each other’s business and lives. I am a very private person, and knowing that my private life isn’t private has shaken me up pretty badly. Because someone felt the need to meddle in my personal, private business, I’ve lost friends and been ostracized, judged, and labeled. It’s as if these people have nothing better to do with their time than ruin other people’s lives.

I’ll get down off my soap box now, but one more note: as someone who has a very hard time forming attachments, having even one friend taken away from me is a huge deal, so whoever it was that decided to get involved in something that was none of their business, thank you so much for putting me back in isolation and taking my dear friend away from me. I really hope that you’re more “comfortable” now.


In other news, the meal planning and gym beasting continue to go according to plan. I start two a days today, so you better believe my ass was up and in the gym at 5 AM this morning. God as my witness, this girl is gonna get fit! On an unrelated note, I’m exhausted and my shins are starting to hurt again… I so do not have time for my shin splints to flare up. I’m too busy running to be in pain!


Still just looking forward to leave… especially now that I’ve realized that’s probably the next time I’ll see my future husband. Thinking about going 5 months without seeing his face is super depressing…


*sigh* Until next time, stay frosty, nerds.



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