2016 Election Cycle

America, I am disappointed. I am grieving. I am shocked and chagrined.

When I got to work this morning, I saw an desperate plea on Facebook from an old, dear friend for someone – anyone – to talk to about the situation America has gotten itself into. I told him to call, and he did, and we talked for well over an hour about what has become our reality. I told him that I am terrified, and I am. I am a queer female military member, and the thought of That Man being my Commander in Chief scares the living daylights out of me. So, so, so many narrow minded and horrible people will take the precedent of hatred and bigotry that he has set and run with it until America is in ruins. We discussed the possibility of having or adopting children and how it scares us and breaks our hearts to think of the way we have to raise them; we talked about how men like Him are why guys like Brock Turner are out there; I told stories of fear when walking alone at night and encountering a group of strange men, and he told me about having people throw things at him when all he does is ride his bike to work. These incidences aren’t going to go away or lessen now. They can only stand to get worse. We have essentially elected a racist, homophobic, temper tantrum throwing child to the White House, and we somehow think that we’re going to be okay. (I’m not even going to go into Mike Pence’s support of conversion therapy, because that will only make me angrier.)

This is literally me today:

this-is-fine And I am trying so hard to believe it.

The people who supported Him have already begun to gloat. My Facebook feed is clogged with posts about victory and change and “Making America Great Again.” Sure, you think it’s all well and good now, but wait until he throws a tantrum and decides to nuke China or the Middle East. Wait until he sends your sons, daughters, husbands, wives, cousins to war over absolutely nothing. Wait for the Muslim concentration camps and the imprisonments of innocent people, because if you don’t see the similarities between the way That Man ran his campaign and the way Adolf Hitler campaigned, you’re blind. It’s allllll there, and not even in the fine print. It’s blatant. And the rampant racism. My God, the racism.

As someone who was born and raised in New York, moving down south and getting slapped in the face with the open racism that is still very prevalent in the so-called Bible Belt astounded me. And now, to see it perpetuated by the man who would be king? It breaks my heart.

But, strange as it is to say, some very good things have come of this election. It’s going to light a fire under the posteriors of many of my contemporaries: young, bright, idealistic people who want the world to change for the better. I know people who are even now beginning to plan political careers and campaigns with the single-minded goal of toppling men like Him. Ignoring That Man, there is still good in this world, and the President cannot dictate my day to day life, as my good friend gently reminded me this morning.

So I am going to drink this cup of strong, green tea, treat my patients, and carry the fuck on, because what else is there to do?

Until next time, stay frosty nerds.


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