Holy shit, we’re almost two weeks into 2017 and I haven’t blogged, like, at all. This is ridiculous. I need to get my shit together.

So for starters, here’s the wonderful and fun and not at all stressful story of my sister’s wedding:

My sister. God love her. She is what the kids today would call “extra.” She and her now-husband are both theater people, if that tells you anything. That being said, their wedding was beautiful. I’m a huge fan of winter weddings in general, and this one was particularly lovely, with the venue being lit by over a thousand candles and having evergreen boughs for decorations. But let’s back up. I live in Spain, and she lives in Texas. Because I am in the military, I wound up taking 6 days of leave to travel, which meant two days of flying to get there, two days there, and two days of flying to get back. Sound nightmarish? But wait, there’s more!

I left the house at the butt crack of dawn, forgot my passport, and had to go back for it. Finally made my flight from Jerez to Barcelona, but during my trip through security in Madrid, I lost my only pair of glasses. Normally, that would only be an inconvenience, but I’m almost legally blind in my right eye. So I blindly muddled my way through the day. Well, when I landed in Barcelona, I discovered that the airline had lost my luggage. I only had two hours to make my next flight (Barcelona to Paris) and an hour and a half of that was eaten up by my attempting to locate my lost backpack. Finally, they found it, handed it over, and sent me on my way… but my plane to France had already left. Thankfully they were gracious and rerouted me without charging me extra, but that resulted in my having a ten hour, overnight layover in Atlanta, so I had to unexpectedly book a hotel. Thank God for Hotwire, man. I also wound up attending to a man who nearly died on the flight because they called for medical personnel just as I was about to fall asleep. I crashed hard in Atlanta – it had been over 24 hours since I’d slept – and, the next morning, I was up early and at the airport and I caught my flight to Dallas Love Field. The rental car company didn’t have my reservation anymore – don’t ask me how that happened – but they quickly resolved the issue and I got on the road, finally arriving in Waco less than four hours before the wedding. No pressure.

My dress didn’t fit, the maid of honor forgot the groom’s ring, the pastor was a pompous ass, and the cake was disgusting, but the wedding was basically a success. The trip home was equally nightmarish in terms of delays, flights missed, and luggage lost but, finally, I made it back to base and collapsed into my own bed for about 4 hours before I had to get up and go to work.


It was an experience, that’s for damn sure.

New Year’s was pretty uneventful for me. I got intoxicated and spent several hours talking to a guy I knew when I was super tiny. I didn’t do squat when I finally got home, either, other than try my hardest to catch up on sleep.

Now, ten days after the fact, it all seems like a bad dream. I’ve moved on, started my workout regimen, and actively begun pursuing my goals. Still tired, of course (always tired, really), but that’s what this is: the blog of a sleepy girl with a busy life.


Until next time, stay frosty, nerds. Excelsior!


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